Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences PhD Entrance Test - Syllabus

The entrance exam is conducted in two parts namely

1. Principles of basic Research methodology – Paper - I

2. Specialty paper - Paper – II
The Principles of Basic Research Methodology Syllabus is as follows:
(1) Research Methodology: An Introduction
(2) Defining the Research Problem, Hypothesis, Generation of Hypothesis
(3) Research Design
(4) Sampling Design
(5) Measurement and Scaling Techniques
(6) Methods of Data Collection
(7) Processing, statistics and Analysis of Data
(8) Sampling Fundamentals
(9) Interpretation and Report Writing
(10)Principle and methods of fundamental research method, literature, drug and
research problem survey, clinical research
(11) Writing an article for a scientific journals
(12) Bioavailability
(13) Bioequivalence
(14) Clinical Trials.

The specialty paper Syllabus content shall ordinarily be equal to the syllabus and books prescribed for Post-Graduate Course for that subject as per Regulations of Central Council and/ or the Rajiv Gandhi Universities of Health Sciences