Doctor Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya Ph.D. Entrance Test (DHSGSU PHDET) - Syllabus and Structure


The detailed syllabus of Entrance Test- 2022 for each of the Ph.D. Program is available on university website:

Structure of Entrance Test of Question paper

The Entrance Test shall consist Written Exam of 100 questions of 70 marks having 2 parts.
Part ‘A’ -
will consist of 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of 0.7 Marks each related to Research Methodology and
Part ‘B’ -
consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of 0.7 Marks each related to the concerned subject. Those candidates who have qualified in the Entrance Test will be called for Interview, which is of 30 Marks and is mandatory. The detailed syllabi of the various Ph.D. programmes are also available on the University website. The candidates who are exempted from the entrance test will be called for interview which is of 100 marks and is mandatory.

Method of Answering in the Entrance Test

(i) A Question Booklet containing the questions and a separate Answer Sheet (OMR) shall be provided to the candidate at the beginning of the Test.
(ii) The candidate, within 05 minutes of the issue of the Question Booklet, shall check the Question Booklet to ensure that it contains all the pages in the correct sequence and that no page/question is missing. In case of faulty Question Booklet, the candidate shall immediately bring it to the notice of the Superintendent/Invigilators to obtain another Question Booklet.
(iii) The candidate is required to write his/her Roll Number, Question Booklet No. at the appropriate places provided in the answer sheet by Ball Point pen only. In addition, he/she is also required to fill up Roll Number in the space provided at the bottom of the answer sheet by darkening the appropriate circles by Black/ Blue Ball Point pen only.
(iv) The candidate is required to write in Black/ Blue Ball Point pen only, his/her Roll number and Serial Number of Answer Sheet at the appropriate places on the cover page of the Question Booklet. Each question shall be followed by four alternative answers. The candidate is required to identify the one which he/she feels to be the correct answer and record/mark the answer by darkening the appropriate circle in the answer sheet by Black/Blue Ball Point pen only, as will also be mentioned in the guidelines given on the first page of the Question Booklet. For example, if out of 4 alternatives (A) (B) (C) & (D) given against question No. 15 and the candidate identifies (B) as the correct answer, he/she is required to darken the circle ‘B’ only in the Answer Sheet.
(vi) The answer will be treated as incorrect if more than one circle is darkened or a circle is darkened improperly. Any other method of marking such as tick mark, cross mark, use of dot, line mark and half filled circle or marks outside the circle shall not be evaluated.
(vii) If any question is not attempted, the candidate is required to leave all the circles against that question as blank. Such an answer will be awarded zero marks.
(viii) Inner cover page of the Question Booklet or the blank space/page at the end of Question Booklet may be used for rough work. No blank paper will be provided to be used for rough work.
(ix) No page of the Question Booklet is to be torn or removed. If a candidate is found tearing any page from the Question Booklet he/she shall be liable to punishment for adopting unfair means and shall not be allowed to continue in the Entrance Test.
(x) An OMR Answer Sheet will be evaluated by special devices; therefore, enough care should be taken by the candidates.
(xi) At the end of the test, the candidate has to handover or return marked OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall.

Note: Pencil should not be used for answering the question paper at any stage.